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Two Door Cinema Club

Following an era where they kept on smiling their way across new and vibrant hits "Wonderful Life", "Lucky", "Everybody's Cool", and "Millionaire", Two Door Cinema Club is switching things up! The iconic indie rockers just dropped their newest single "Happy Customers", signaling a new era, heading back to their roots. Alongside their new single, the band also announced a massive string of new U.S. tour dates. This includes a show at FPL Solar Amphitheater on Tuesday, July 16. As the summer heat turns up, the band is set to perform their hottest hits, fan favorites, and newer anthems on stage. We're betting on "Bad Decisions", "What You Know", and "Sleep Alone" to be part of the set - what tracks do you think they'll play? Of course, we're in for some big surprises from the boys as well... Dropping a standalone single, fans have been on the lookout for hints of a new album. Well, this time around, Two Door Cinema Club wants to do something different. Check it all out at their newest tour by booking those tickets now!

Two Door Cinema Club just announced a string of new U.S. tour dates. The news follows the band's surprise release of a new single "Happy Customers". In a conversation with NME, the band shared that they wanted to go back to their roots, creating something a little more simple. Over the past years, the boys have engaged in hyper-produced records, following their growth in the industry. Their 2022 album "Keep On Smiling" shared strong growth in terms of their sound with its single "Sure Enough". This time around, they're taking a step back to where it all began.

"It feels like we’ve done the hyper-produced hi-fi stuff [on 2016’s ‘Gameshow’, 2019’s ‘False Alarm’ and 2022’s ‘Keep On Smiling’]", bassist Kevin Baird told NME. "This was just about doing something more simple," he explained about "Happy Customers".

Introducing high-tempo and electronic elements in the track, the band realized that "the ol’ indie sleaze" seems to be trendy again. Though Baird clarified that they didn't intent to replicate the sound and only produce tracks that sound like they came from 2010, but it just came naturally.

"’Happy Customers’ is still very different to what we would have been doing 17 years ago. The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and contrast the happy-go-lucky nature of the music, which is very much a part of the modern Two Door Cinema Club DNA," he explained via NME.

Though fans have been on the lookout for a new album, and a new single could be an early sign of one dropping soon, it seems we have to chill and wait a bit. "At the minute, we’re just seeing what happens," guitarist Sam Holiday told NME. Now, they're just going with the flowing, dropping a few singles here and there. They want you to grab a taste of hot and fresh new music ASAP!

With a new song that shares an overwhelming dose of sunshine joy, we're hearing fresh takes from Two Door Cinema Club. In the same interview, Holiday shared that they're aiming to release quite a lot more music this year, explaining how they've been exchanging a massive amount of ideas like never before.

Now, they're launching their biggest U.S. tour yet. "It doesn’t feel like we’ve been able to tour over here properly in recent years, so it’s about satisfying both us and our fans," Baird told NME.

Don't miss out on Two Door Cinema Club's beaming energy this year. With big surprises lined up, it's bound to be a year of full-on sunshine by the band. Make sure to save your spots at their biggest U.S. tour yet by booking those tickets now!

Two Door Cinema Club at FPL Solar Amphitheater

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