Omar Apollo at FPL Solar Amphitheater

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FPL Solar Amphitheater | Miami, Florida

Omar Apollo

Can you name a better way to start the week than heading to a concert at the FPL Solar Amphitheater in Miami, Florida? Omar Apollo is going to be taking his “God Said No” World Tour to this venue on Monday, September 16th. This is one of the most anticipated tours of the summer and fall in the entire country. Apollo is hitting up a ton of open venues for what he promises will be his best show yet! He’s promoting his newest album, which also goes by the name “God Said No.” New music, a brand new show, what’s not to love?

Malcolm Todd is going to be the opening act on this night. He brings a more traditional chill indie vibe to the crowd in Miami. That works perfectly as an opening act, because it probably won’t steal too much thunder from the main show. It could get you in a good mood to enjoy the longer portion of the concert with Omar Apollo on stage.

These shows are selling out like umbrellas on a rainy day here in Miami. You want to hit the get tickets button soon to ensure you won’t miss out on what promises to be one of the best events of the season at the FPL Solar Amphitheater.

An Omar Apollo concert is an experience that’s hard to replicate. With some of the songs that are already out from the “God Said No” album, you’ll get a good read as to why that’s the case. You’ll have tracks like “Dispose of Me” which went really big after he showcased on Steven Colbert’s show. That song has a more jazzy vibe to it and features a lot of the heartbroken lyrics that are very reminiscent of other Omar Apollo tracks. “Evergreen” is still the most popular single from Apollo and it features a heavy love-loss theme. Does that mean that you need to be a little heartbroken at least to enjoy the show? It could help if someone in the group is going through those pains, if we’re being honest. Some of the lyrics are going to hit home a little harder, and that makes singing them live all the more enjoyable.

Then there are songs like “Less of You” which is another one of the tracks from the “God Said No” album that features a much more clubby vibe. The lyrics are still kind of sand, but the beat could be featured at any Miami club and get people dancing. As advertised, going to see Omar Apollo is a unique experience. Get your crew ready for this Monday night in September. It’s Miami of course he’s going to go all out in this concert even if it is an odd day of the week.

A show at the FPL Solar Amphitheater in Miami can offer a completely different experience, depending on where you’re at within the venue. The area near the stage is always going to be perfect for the super fans who want to get up close and personal with the performers. The other parts of the main theater provide a great view thanks to the natural elevation. Then there’s the lawn area where, sure, views of the stage directly may be harder to come by. You may be watching the show on screens,but you’ll have more space to roam, dance, and “vibe” with the show. Get together with your group and decide what type of experience you want to have. Make the conversation a quick one and click the get tickets button, though. The “God Said No Tour” is selling out Amphitheaters all over the country!

Omar Apollo at FPL Solar Amphitheater

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